5G automatic micro-bus debuts in Wuzhen

By Zhao Tong People's Daily Online

12:37, October 14, 2019(GTM +8)

China's first 5G automatic micro-bus mass production vehicle, which has passed the test under the condition of mixed traffic on the city's open roads, will be launched globally on the opening day of the 6th World Internet Conference - Wuzhen Summit on Oct. 20.

5G automatic micro-bus mass production vehicle stops in Wuzhen. (Chinanews.com/Liu Fangqi)

Although the appearance of the 5G automatic micro-bus is similar to that of ordinary buses, the entire body of the 5G automatic micro-bus is equipped with a large number of sensors.

5G automatic micro-bus mass production vehicle is in the final stage of testing. (Chinanews.com/Liu Fangqi)

According to the introduction, the 5G automatic micro-bus can not only identify obstacles such as pedestrians and motor vehicles within 200 meters, but can also control road information within a kilometer through vehicle-road cloud collaborative intelligent systems, and therefore comprehensively makes obstacle avoidance, lane change, deceleration, braking and other reasonable and safe rapid response measures all very feasible for the ultimate purpose of ensuring traffic safety.

During the conference, a 4km 5G automatic micro-bus line will be opened, and 10 ten-seat automatic micro-buses will be responsible for shuttle services from the town to the venue. The public will also be able to book a ride via the H5 link.

5G automatic micro-bus mass production vehicle is able to free human’s hands for the second time. (Chinanews.com/Liu Fangqi)

Wuzhen officials said that with the 5G automatic micro-bus debut in Wuzhen, Wuzhen's 5G industry will also usher in a big development. These activities will be conducive for Wuzhen to build a model project of general intelligent tourism travel as well as China's first digital economy town.