China gives earth observation data to Mozambique

People's Daily Online

14:37, December 20, 2019(GTM +8)

China on Tuesday hands over a fine-resolution (10 meters) cropland data tool to Mozambique. (Photo:

China on Tuesday handed over a fine-resolution (10 meters) cropland data tool to Mozambique. The data will help improve Mozambique’s ability to deal with emergencies such as drought, flooding and insect epidemics, Science and Technology Daily reported on Dec. 19.

The handover ceremony was held during the fourth Digital Belt and Road Conference in Shenzhen on Tuesday, organized by the Digital Belt and Road Program (DBAR) team of the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

DBAR Chairman Guo Huadong said that the dynamic earth observation data could help Mozambique monitor flooding and droughts on a real-time basis, providing information support for the country to develop its agriculture, explore water resources and guarantee food safety.

Initiated in 2016, the DBAR has established cooperation between 57 countries and international organizations, who now share data, technologies and advanced plans.

About 200 experts from 29 countries were present at the forum. The Republic of Armenia signed a memorandum of understanding to join the DBAR during the event.

Artak Piloyan, head of Geodesy and Cartography Department in Cadastre Committee of the Republic of Armenia, said they were looking forward to improving national land management and environmental supervision ability through information sharing under the scheme.